Speciale campeggiatori

Presso il campeggio Catinaccio a Pozza di Fassa servizio navetta andata e ritorno per la località della tappa per i partecipanti alla gara.


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The truth is ... you can not live without it!

The Traslaval, the successful 13-year-old (stage) race has literally flashed by in ...stages, but Stefano Benatti, the inventor, organiser, and deus ex machina of the event, stunned everyone last September with a press release announcing the definitive halt to the event.
However, with the majestic Dolomites as a unique backdrop, the Val di Fassa running stage event is once again scheduled for 2012, with its 13-year-old name changed to "Val di Fassa Running", as proposed by the Committee of the same name.

And so it is that from 24 to 29 June 2012, participants will run along the trails, forests and mountain roads "designed" by

people who are knowledgeable and passionate about running, aided by Stefano Benatti's valuable suggestions, with the traditional five stages run over six days, to the delight of lovers of outdoor sport and those who appreciate the unique landscapes of the Val di Fassa.
This historic Trentino event is new in name and partly in its staffing, but its substance will not change. The watchword is "continuity", alongside the novelty which the runners were already expecting.